Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Prayer Needed

On May 31st of this year Regina and I sent out an update documenting the plans that were being laid to start a sixth church in Cuba. Sadly, the couple that was sent to start this new work lost their two year old daughter to a bacterial infection on June 22. What makes things even more difficult is that their six month old baby is currently in the hospital. One pastor and his wife, have literally not left their side for almost three days. We have also received reports that this has hit all the churches very hard. Regina and I are currently in prayer for this whole family and we invite you to join us, especially for the little one. In addition we invite you to pray for the leaders that are ministering at this time as well as the believers that surround them to uplift and encourage everyone.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It’s Better to Soar with Eagles than Hang out with Turkeys!

We almost made it through all of furlough without a accident and then BAAMM!! For about 5 miles we were trying to figure out what the noise was all about when we started seeing feathers fly up the windshield. So I pulled over and found that “silly turkey” had cracked the front of our vehicle. A few feet higher and I would have been soaring to glory. Please continue to pray for traveling mercies for us while we are on the road.

In Other News

Regina and I have been from sea to shining sea on furlough. Regina spoke to several hundred ladies for Mother’s day at the Marriott Convention Center in Providence RI. She shared how she witnessed to her interrogators in Cuba and was able to give a clear presentation of the gospel - it went GREAT. I have been preaching up a storm in churches, high schools, men’s meetings, you name it and the Lord has been blessing. Eight received Christ and four were called into full time service just this last month. Congratulations to our friends and family at Noble Hill Baptist Church, our sending church, for calling Pastor Mark Conn as there first full-time pastor. We are excited about dedicating Tiffany to the Lord at Noble Hill on June the 12th. God is good!