Monday, May 24, 2010

A Mexican Fiesta in the Dominican Republic?

Saturday nights we have youth services and recently we had the teens over for a Mexican Fiesta. There was Mexican music, special videos, tacos and a piñata. Tom has been teaching on love and Christian relationships and the piñata served as a perfect object lesson to teach selfless love. The teens were told that when the piñata broke and all the goodies fell out, not to pounce, grab, kill ect, but to practice self control and show love so everyone, including our two little girls (Tiffany-4 and JuliAnna-2) could participate. Well the stick was swung; the piñata burst the teens dived into the mayhem headfirst for his or her piece of candy. I was shocked, the girls terrified and Tom kept making eye contact with the teens while encouraging them (in his crazy way) to look at themselves. It was very impactful and when the teens realized what had happened, some were embarrassed, others ashamed, several gave excuses and one cried; but one thing is for sure, the message sunk in. That night our teens learned that there are far greater temptations in there lives than candy and that they must learn to depend on Jesus, practice self control and the selfless love that Christ demonstrated to us on the cross.