Friday, February 20, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Rains have been non- stop for several weeks and have continued bringing mudslides and flooding. Our city Tamboril, has been among the worst affected areas in the country. The constant rains damaged 100 homes with the root of the problem being a sand mine that resulted in an enormous hole that filled with water and caused a landslide that destroyed 60 homes, two schools and a church. The town of Carlos Diaz about 4 miles from our location has been completely deserted due to the waters and landslides. The President of the country Leon Fernandez was here in Tamboril for several days directing recovery efforts. Spiritually, we are standing in the gap passing out tracks and taking the opportunity to pray and encourage those affected by the disaster. David (man pictured above) and I figure that there is close to 1000 people living in a gym (with only 4 bathrooms) just a few blocks from the church. There were so many affected, we decided to strike up a friendship with one family and help them the best we can. This is Glenis Santana with her sons Samuel, Wesley and daughter Wenifer. Glenis’s husband is a mechanic and was out doing odd jobs while we were there. They have lost everything and currently have two mattress’s between the five of them. It is a crazy situation in the gym, not a really good place for kids. Please pray that our church will be able to learn quickly the blessing of giving when so many around are in need of receiving. We want the people in our church to understand and practice that it is more blessed to give than to receive.