Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Waiting in Santo Domingo

Things are going well, I'm in a convenience store here in Santo Domingo (2 hours south of Santiago) waiting for our lawyer to meet me (once again) to go to the dock. It is going to be about a week long process (I hope) to get everything out of Dominican Customs and we are praying that we don't suffer any loss or have to pay any taxes. That may sound unrealistic but our lawyer believes that it is possible due to our brief time in the country. He is a elderly Christian man and is always next to me helping me "get through" the maze of red tape. Two weeks ago we made arrangements to bring in a 2005 Sienna Van through a government organization that helps Missionaries get established here - just this move saved us more than 10,000$ in taxes. Needless to say I'm one happy missionary right now but having been in places like Cuba and Costa Rica - I'm not counting my chickens - until they hatch. Last weekend we were attending a Dominican cultural seminar that is designed to help foreigners understand and deal with the Dominican culture and the boys stayed with some missionaries in Santiago. Keep us in your prayers.