Monday, October 23, 2006

Pneumonia Battle

Tiffany has recovered from a bout with Pneumonia. It has been a up hill battle. At one point Tiffany was in the hospital for 5 days severely dehydrated. This of course in combination with a new culture, new doctor, new hospital, got pretty tough but we circled the wagons, prayed and God sent us some help. Mrs. Barnes came from Costa Rica and took over at the house and took care of Jordan's home schooling which allowed us to concentrate on getting Tiffany over the hump. Praise the Lord for family. Several things went on hold during that time but I am happy to report that everything is "back on track" and we are anxiously awaiting our 20 foot container filled with all kinds of goodies as well as two vehicles that should arrive within the week. Please pray as we move into our new home that our belongings will arrive safe and sound and that we will not have to pay customs any taxes.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

October's Interactive Missionary Letter

THE TIES THAT BIND Reflecting on all that has happened during our first furlough this last year, one thing makes it worth it all – relationships. Spending time and growing closer together with those who pray and give so that we might go has affected us deeply and given us a greater sense of humility and responsibility. We have been encouraged and blessed by so many that it is impossible to mention just one. We are literally tied together and we are thankful for each and every one that prays and supports our ministry. We left August 21 and have begun the process once again of “hitting the beach”. We have encountered difficulties and trials but we are excited, prepared and ready to start another church. We need your prayers so that our family will finish getting settled in by the end of the year so that we can begin looking for property for the Church. PRAYERS THAT TIE While reporting, we asked everyone to pray that God would supply a place for us to stay upon arriving in the D.R., and obviously people were praying. In one of the last churches we were in, we met a wonderful couple. “Coincidently” they happen to have a house in the Dominican, “coincidently” it happens to be 30 min. from Santiago and “coincidently” they happen to have a car. Coincidence or Providence? We believe it was providence and we praise the Lord that God laid it on their hearts to allow us to stay here as well as use their car. We have plans on moving, by the end of this month, into a new home that we are going to rent in Santiago. We know that this transition would not have been as smooth if it had not been for Brothers and Sisters who were so willing to let God use them. Thank you for praying; truly your prayers tie us together. PRAYERS THAT BIND Reflecting upon the work we did in Cuba and the challenges that lie ahead with our new ministry here in the D.R., we are reminded of one of Grandpa’s famous prayers, which makes more sense to us now then ever before, “Please pray that God will bless us, bind us and stick us in a crack where the devil won’t find us”.