Monday, December 10, 2007

Decembers Interactive Missionary Letter

His Timing is Always Perfect!
Last month my mother suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital were she needed quadruple bypass surgery. Amazingly, a couple of weeks before, I had been asked to fill in as speaker at a missions conference in Massachusetts. I praise the Lord for His perfect timing and that I was able to return to the States for a few days to be with my mother. She is now recovering at home and doing well. The conference was great and we continue working on raising money for church property here in Santiago. The total price is $136,500. We are very excited about this and ask that you pray that the funds would come in - in His perfect timing.
Surprise, Surprise
SHOCK! GASP! The first thing Regina thought when she entered the church was “Why in the world would you decorate everything in pink on Thanksgiving day?” Little did she know that the ladies had been working secretly to surprise her with a special baby shower for JuliAnna. Regina spoke on having an “Attitude of Gratitude” and truly our whole family is grateful for having been apart of this wonderful church that has been a blessing to us in so many ways.