Monday, April 21, 2008

I Didn't Know They Had Tornadoes Here

The quiet peace of Sunday afternoon was shattered yesterday when tornadoes swept through our valley. Hundreds of people were forced to seek temporary shelter when three separate tornadoes destroyed 140 homes, toppled power lines, injured 18 people and killed several others. One 64-year-old woman died after winds blew a telephone antenna tower on top of her house. Power is still being restored and the roads are littered with trees, light posts and broken glass. Officials are reporting major loss's to crops, including pineapple, rice and the plantain field. Unfortunately, this is only going to make the high prices on food go higher. So far this year we have suffered hurricanes Noel (Here is a video from Agape Missionary Flights - they bring in our mail) and Olga, the Tavera-Bao Dam debacle (someone out of fear opened the flood gates to the dam releasing more than 5,000 cubic meters a second into Santiago) that destroyed several thousand homes and now - three tornadoes.