Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1st Anniversary of the Earthquake

Dominican team welding metal framework for roof on
Pastor Destini's building - January 12, 2011

Wall paneling system being installed by second Dominican team. Project is just a few weeks from being finished. January 12, 2011

Smiling Faces and Joyful praise fill the night

One year ago our families lives where forever changed when an earthquake hit our island and brought the plight of our Haitian neighbors to the forefront of everything we were doing. There are times that change who, what, when and where you do things and January 12th 2010 was such a time in our lives. It will be a day that we will always remember and will literally live in Regina and I's memory until we pass into eternity. There is no way to begin to describe what we have seen and done in the last 365 day's. We have tried our best to communicate this year what was happening with over 30 different entries in our blog (, but really not even a book would do justice to all that has taken place. With His grace, direction and mercy our team has been in the field for more than 40 weeks away from our homes, ministries and families and today is no exception. It is sufficient to say that God is good, His blessings always seem to come at the perfect time. He has brought many churches and pastors in our lives who have helped and who we have learned a great deal from. We will never forget the times working and fellowshiping together and hope to see them again one day. We represent you: churches, pastors, friends and family who we know care deeply about the Christians here and the spiritual future of this country. We know many of you would be here with us in a heart beat if able and that thought, along with doing His will in our lives propels us to do more. We have done a lot with little this year, but that is enough when God is in it. We will post some pictures throughout the day on our blog and on Facebook ( These pictures will be of work going on today and of tonights special services. Thank you from our family, our pastors, our full time workers and those who we are serving. We are grateful for your prayers, offerings, faithfulness and love.