Saturday, September 04, 2010

Little Rays of Sunshine Update

Recently our friend Carol wrote and asked me about one of our ministries in the second church we started in Don Pedro, D.R. last year.
Carol asked:
How is Garry and the Little Rays of Light Club doing?
Dear Carol,
Gary and the Little Rays of Sunshine are doing great. Gary and Martha were able to attend a 12 lesson seminar by Child Evangelism on “How to Evangelize a Child”. Gary graduated; however Martha missed 2 weeks because her father passed away. She went to Haiti for the funeral. When she returned she was able to complete the 2 lessons she had missed by individually meeting with the teacher and was also able to graduate.
Tom and I gave Gary a camera to take Pictures. He purchased a memory chip and soon should have more pictures available.
These past few weeks, Gary has been teaching lessons on “Facing Giants” based on the story of David and Goliath. The children have really enjoyed it, especially their activity books. We are currently searching for some more Bible lessons to teach that include visuals and activity books. These children know very little about the Bible or are very confused with a mix of Charismatic and Catholic teachings. Having the opportunity to teach the truth from God’s Word is a “breath of fresh air”.
Mostly because of the conditions they currently meet in, growing in number has been a challenge; however, we are happy to announce that this past month a piece of property was purchased for them. There is still a lot to do and long ways to go concerning building, Sunday School and improving Little Rays of Sunshine, but they are coming along and we are seeing spiritual growth and God’s blessing.