Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quick Update on The Comings and Goings

Slowly but surely, after we began moving towards Los Prados, it looked like we might get a free piece of property from the mayor. However after doing some surveying and having some people with knowledge look at the property, it had some major draw backs - 1.) We needed 50,000$ of fill and 2.) No guarantee that the city would approve our building plans for that particular site , even with the Mayor on our side. Sooooo, back to the drawing board and during the time investigating and moving through the municipality to get in a position to obtain another free piece of property (were asking for another location, but it will have to be for a second church because it will take too long before another comes available) a larger more inexpensive piece of property came available, and that is where we are right now, doing homework, investigating titles, checking out if we can build a gym type facility on the sight. Please Pray.