Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 Vacation Bible School Album

Jorge and Penny getting things Started
Jordan helping with the Activity Books
The Kitchen Crew - Hot Dog's, Rice-n-Chicken, Spaghetti
You name it - they can cook it!
Tom giving instructions to the Children's Choir
Ohhhh My Word - Grab a Can of Deodorant
Tom leading the music for the closing evening service
Once again God blessed our Vacation Bible School this year. In my "human fallible thought process", I thought we would have just about the same amount we averaged last year (100-120 not counting the adults). Boy was I was wrong, we easily went over 150.
The whole week was great. I am not a big believer in "group salvation prayers" but with so many it was really the only way to go. One service we had over 20 who stood for salvation. Several, including two boys came up to me after services and told me that they got saved. That was exciting. Jorge and Penny (our missionaries) do a fantastic job encouraging the kids to come and tell us about their decision - this really helps us connect more with each one.
One day I got a hug from one little girl when she was leaving, that was special. One older boy bought me an ice cream and brought it to me while me and Luis were standing in the sun watching the kids at the gate and helping them across the street. I was shocked, really, but the next thing he did was even more amazing. He came back with another one for - Luis Marco. Luis Marco is a member of our church, real humble Haitian man. Not going to go into it more than say - Dominicans and Haitians - DONT LIKE EACH OTHER THAT MUCH. To see something like this is what I call - "snorting the miraculous". I will never forget the look on Luis's face, He was even more shocked than I was - it was great.
Our closing evening activity we had over 300 in services including adults. Everyone was walking in the clouds. Lord was good and throughout the week we had over 30 receive Christ as there savior. Tyler and Jordan did great with the video and soundboard. Regina was everywhere - as always. Literally everything including the children's choir specials, sermon, ect. was perfect.
Our missionaries Jorge and Penny (real troopers) during the week went out and did another VBS in the evening after going at it for 3 hours with us in the morning. After you get that picture in your mind (Not 1 but 2 VBS's in the same day) - imagine them coming and asking if they could take Tyler and Jordan with them? Yes, and then imagine the boys jumping at the opportunity to do it - Yes, (even I was surprised) Afterwards both Jorge and Penny said that they were G R E A T and wanted them to go with them again one day to another VBS. No, I haven't been drinking or taking any prescription medicine, it really happened, and I want to say I'm very proud of them. Truly one of the great things that happened this week. Imagine, third culture boys, sharpening there spiritual trench knives on the souls of Dominican boys and girls, now that is a thought I can go on Monday to Haiti with - ever so happy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Series on Prayer Completed

Finished up a four week series on prayer. Presented Mabier as our newest member after having baptized him at the river last week. (It was beautiful day) He really perked up with me calling him up in front of everybody, a very special moment. After a rather long morning service, I had to run over to Pastor Jean Dial's church (this is the second work we started last year) and to my surprise they were all waiting for me. I walked right in and started preaching: "If I were the Devil" - Gary translated in Creol. Sure hope he did well, because, I have no clue what he was saying, I think they thought I really was the Devil for awhile - Smile - it went great and I was very encouraged. All in all a wonderful morning. Tonight our missionaries Jorge and Penny came in to stay with us and we spent the evening getting ready for VBS. Lots of work this week - please pray - didn't get home till 10:00. Neat to have a full house of national friends, Carmen is doing better and better. Pray for us, hoping to have a good attendance but we really want them to soak up God's word more than anything.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

God has Everything Under Control

Had to leave Haiti today to try to save Carmen's baby, but unfortunately it was not in God's plans. Everyone was a little sad. The Lord has everything under control and we must rejoice in the midst of trials and tribulations. The trip was normal but the baby was already in the canal Friday morning when we left. Both Luis Manuel and I were a little nervous we wouldn't make it but God was with us. Regina had a everything ready including a specialist but it was not to be.
She's resting here now at our home and I will take her back to Haiti after a series of tests next week. The clinic where she will have the tests is highly specialized and believes Carmen and Pastor Destini may have a child one day but they will more than likely need to undergo some blood treatments so Carmen's body does not reject the little one. They have tried over 10 times to have a baby and my heart went out to them all day.
They never lost faith, wavered or doubted. If somehow these treatments can also help them have the baby they so badly desire - then that would be icing on the cake. Please pray it will be so.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Well being drilled in Callabase, Haiti

Our ministry gave the first $1000 for a new well in Callabasse, Haiti. Callabase is a town up in the mountains where people have been walking over 5 kilometers for fresh drinking water. Our friend James was installing a water purification system donated by Operation Blessing immediately behind the Baptist church when the pump got stuck at the 150-foot mark of a 300 foot well. Nothing could be done other than to drill a new well, which is projected to cost over $5000. James continues to supply us with food, water, wheelchairs and more, we know that this well, once its finished is going to be a big blessing to the church and surrounding community.