Monday, March 02, 2009

February 26ths Interactive Missionary Letter

God is so good. Believe it or Not we have finished the remodeling of the building and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you so much for praying and giving towards this project. Turned out that the bathrooms were the most difficult and time-consuming job but even though it took a bit longer than expected we had lots of fun getting our hands dirty. When things got a bit more than we could handle we had several national churches from Santiago and Bonao send men that helped us take up the slack to whom we are also grateful. We still need to work on several projects in the tent area as well as purchase a sign for the church and will present theses projects soon when we have more details. This Sunday evening we had over 50 in attendance for our valentines day program, the Lord led me to speak on I John 4:7-11 and several raised their hands for salvation. Please pray that we will remain faithful to this work and the Lord will add to our church every beautiful stroke in this masterpiece that we need in His timing.
The feeding center in Santiago, Club Samuel, which is supported by Arden Road Baptist Church in Amarillo, just had a special program for their parents. We were very proud of how hard the kids worked and almost all the parents and or guardians came. Best of all a clear presentation of the gospel was presented and several accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Please pray for this ministry and for the children that have received Christ to continue to be a witness to their unsaved parents.
We Need Your Prayers!!
Pray for Tom has he prepares the messages, music and activities of the church. Pray that God would send us a Pastor and that God will use Tom mightily to prepare him for ministry.
Pray for Regina has she disciples the ladies. Specifically Aris, Lilian and Rosa. Pray for their spiritual growth as well as for the children in her 8-12 year old class.
Pray for Tyler as he fulfills, for the first time, his responsibilities of being a Sunday School teacher for the 4-8 year olds.
Pray for Jordan as he learns to take a stand at school. He's facing the challenge of doing what's right even if you feel left out.
Pray for Tiffany although she is 3 years old, she has befriended the owners of our church property, Juan Carlos and Noni. Pray that Tom and I can use this new friendship as a stepping-stone to share the Gospel.
JuliAnna, our 1 year old, along with 3 other active babies are now being taken care of by our first nursury volunteer, Lillian. Please pray that more will volunteer for our growing Sunday School.
In January, Kelview Heights Baptist church in Midland invited our family to their missions conference and Boston Baptist College asked Tom to teach a concentrated 2 week philosophy of mission course to 31 students. We accepted and seized the opportunity to visit family. Grandma and great-grandma were able to enjoy grandkids and meet their new grandbaby, JuliAnna, who was born in the Dominican Republic 1 year ago. We’re glad to be back home but thank God for allowing us to serve the churches and college and at the same time for allowing us to refresh.