Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dominican Born - January 19, 2008

Sure has been a great week! Of course, on the way to the hospital Saturday night - I thought I would faint - but my wife and mother-n-law where there - to get me through - Whew!

My father-n-law has been spending quality time with the grandkids and I thought it would be wise to leave him at the house - but

he insisted that the stork was going to bring the most beautiful Dominican baby girl into the world that night - AND HE WAS RIGHT!!

I told Tiffany that the stork worked very hard that night - because its not easy carrying a 7Lb 12 oz baby sister over the ocean.

I don't know what the boys thought about the stork but I know they were sure happy to see there Mama!

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and love - they truly mean a lot. JuliAnna Truth is at home and Regina is recovering well. Today we are having special services at the church with Bro. Barnes as the special speaker. Please continue to pray - we are looking forward to celebrating several spiritual births a long with JuliAnna's.