Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pray Pray Pray

Tuesday morning Regina and I are going to be at the Mayors office and hope to meet with Jose Enrique Sued. The goal is to obtain one of the city's green areas. We are asking for 1 Acre of land and while "we are not counting our chickens until they hatch" we definitely need your prayers. Two weeks ago our residency papers were given to us which allows us to begin work on forming a non-profit Dominican association. We have decided to name the association Familia Avance: Iglesias del CompaƱerismo Biblico Bautista Internacional. This will save us lots of money on taxes ect. Please keep in prayer the members of the board. Each board member is saved and will hold their position until a pastor that we have trained can substitute for them adequately. You will also notice that both independent Baptist pastors here in Santiago have joined the board to whom we are very grateful. Tom Franklin President Missionary of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International Victor Uraca Vice-President Pastor of Christian Baptist Congregation John Webb Administrator Pastor and Missionary of New Life Baptist Church Regina Franklin Treasurer Missionary of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International Janeiro Pelaez Secretary Lawyer Luis Regalado Vocal Contractor Lorenza Parra Vocal Domestic Worker