Thursday, March 29, 2007

March's Interactive Missionary Letter

WATER AND ELECTRIC STORM RISING A tropical storm hit us very hard this month and we had water coming in from every window and vent imaginable. We could not figure it out until we took out the windows and found out that the caulking job was faked! In addition a transformer in our neighborhood was damaged which led the electric company to boost the Wattage to 270. Needless to say several things went BOOM - literally - but thankfully we got a transformer, generator and inverter installed. Through it all our relationship with Luis has really blossomed and he wants to help us look for property and build a church. Please pray with us for all of Luis’s family to be saved.
MK'S ARE SPECIAL Tiffany enjoyed her first birthday last month and we all had a BLAST watching her eat cake and open presents. Tyler and Jordan are preparing to leave this weekend for their first Dominican camp with the local Baptist church we are attending and Tom will take over the preaching duties while the pastor is at camp. We sure are going to miss the boys - they are a BIG help! Please pray for each of our children as they adapt to a new school and culture.
AGAPE MISSIONARY FLIGHTS Recently we were A.P.P.R.O.V.E.D with A.M.F. - This means we now can receive just about any box (we just received a 550Lb generator) for ministry or family via a special airplane that comes into Santiago. It is very economical (about 1$ a Lb.) and in the future if you think we could use it please send it to us at: Agape # - SGO 18867 100 Airport Ave Venice, Florida 34285
ENROLL AT WWW.DR4CHRIST.COM In April we have a very special E-mail update planned for Cuba. The only way to receive this for security reasons is to click on Enroll Now on or E-mail us at