Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movie Night draws 250 plus

This month we showed the Christian movie "Lay it Down" in Spanish. Great evangelistic film about illegal street racing that exposes the reality of such choices, and their consequences. The surprise ending combined with a clear presentation of the gospel led to over 20 people making a profession of faith after a short message. I was very proud of our members who went and prayed out of site during the invitation. Prayer really makes a difference. Afterwards Regina and company served up some cake and we raffled off some Bibles. A perfect ending to a beautiful evening.

Evangelistic Movie Night - Lay it Down

Regina serves up some cake

Tom raffles away Bibles

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life would be boring without them

Building a strong christian family goes hand in hand on the mission field with building an enduring ministry. We have been blessed with four beautiful children that enjoy diving into ministry just as much as we do. They are valuable assets in every way and it seems the more we do in ministry the closer we all grow together. Obviously it takes a lot of work and quality time and there are occasional hiccups along the way but with Jesus as our Lord and guide those hiccups subside. We are so proud to be the parents of Tyler, Jordan, Tiffany and JuliAnna, there so fun to be around and life would be boring without them.
Tyler in Haiti helping a family get some Water

Happy 13th Jordan - You light up our life!

"Tiffany and JuliAnna Kick'n back at home"

Tiffany - "I'm glad my Mom didn't make me the white frill indian costume"

Tom and JuliAnna at the Park

Girls and me in Haiti