Thursday, December 14, 2006

Decembers Interactive Missionary Letter

CONTAINER ARRIVES IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS It truly is amazing how just a few things from home will make you feel. Our container actually arrived late October but it wasn’t until December the 6th until the government allowed us to pick it up. How wonderful that day was, we have been celebrating ever since! We have gone from Ice Cold Showers to Toasty Hot Baths. Processed Cheese Spread to Home Cooked Meals. Air Mattress’s to Fluffy Beds from Heaven. We could go on and on. The home we are renting literally changed over night. The van and car also made it unscathed and - OH - I forgot to mention - we paid no taxes, which saved us over $20,000. Thank you for praying. God is good all the time. REGINA SINGS ANTHEM! In 2002 we began the lengthy process of becoming dual citizens of Costa Rica. Of course the plan was to enter Cuba as Costa Ricans. It was a good plan and we believe will still bear fruit. Regina was awarded dual citizenship on November 17 2006. God’s timing is always perfect. CUBA BLESSINGS! Last month trips were made into Cuba to encourage, supply and train the leaders of the fellowship. The reports, pictures and testimonies we received were AMAZING. Many have been saved, baptized and missions conferences are under way. What a tremendous Christmas gift!! BOSTON BOUND! During furlough David Melton at Boston Baptist College asked if I would teach a blitz course Jan. 8-19th entitled Philosophy of Missions and Ministry. My desire is to instruct the students in “What the Bible Says” about missions and how to have the power of God in their lives, which is the secret to effectual ministry that lasts. Please pray that I will be a blessing.