Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our Neighbors Are The First To Come

We have had so much fun starting this church. At first we were a bit embarrassed with the facility and dove into remodeling it so as to have an adequate place to meet. During this process, our neighbors saw us working up a sweat and began to inquire what we were up to. We happily introduced ourselves and shared with them our plans to start a Baptist church. To take advantage of their curiosity we told them to come to church Sunday morning. Without flyers, fanfare or even a sign, people started to come and we have seen a steady stream of visitors motivated by the love and curiosity our neighbors have to know more about us and the Lord. Several have accepted Christ and discipleships have begun. Tyler and I are holding down the Sunday School while Tom does the preaching, music ect. We really are a army of one family now but pray this Christmas God will give us some Sunday School helpers that want to grow in their relationship with the Lord through service.