Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Priscilla Hoang an eleventh grader from Bethel Baptist Schools asks the following: 1) Do you ever wish that you could go back and continue your work in Cuba? Smile - All the Time. But God has us here (in the Dominican Republic) now and we must complete this task of starting a church before we can turn and look at that door - no matter how closed or open it may be. The Bible says: A good soldier endures hardness - we are obedient. (2) How many churches are there [on average (in a city)] - any independent or fundamental] churches? In Cuba? We now number 6 (from those we organized) and it looks like we may have 7 very soon. In the Dominican there are very few independent fundamental Baptist churches in Santiago - in the entire city of 1 million I know of only 2. Neither are very big and both need to re-locate. But that is the decision of there local church - not mine. I must go about starting a different type of church than has been seen here. One that is large enough to support a full time couple and strong enough spiritually to reproduce itself expediently because there are many cities around Santiago with no Baptist church. There are obstacles - property is expensive, people are focused on money, ect. But God can care for every expense and need. (3) Do your kids go to school there, or are they home schooled? We are testing a Christian school here - only there are not many Christians. Thats O.K. - we are working on fixing that - however there are many factors to prayerfully consider before committing all the children. Tyler is the oldest and has been there now 4 months - it hasn't been easy making new friends but he now has 3. He also has enemies. These enemies have quite a reputation - pretty much - they don't like Christians. This of course is an interesting problem at - a Christian School. Please pray for him. Jordan is still in home school. (4) Does it scare you to be in a place so unlike America? No - we are used to living in politically charged places - The Bible teaches us not to fear - our family has peace knowing we are doing what He has sent us to do. (5) Does it sometimes get hard to rely solely on God and other churches to provide every need you have? These are great questions Patricia - this is one I've rarely answered. The truth is no it is not hard. Thats good and bad in a way. Its good because it testifies to the fact that God has used your church and many other churches to take care of us to such an extent - it is humbling. Its bad only when we take it for granite and rely on what you send us rather than God. Thats not so hard for us because of what God taught us while in prison. No amount of money could help me in that deep dark hole - no navy seals came to pull me out and there was no escape. The only thing you can do is rely on him and know that He is a God of the impossible and has everything under control. While I'd never ever want to go back there - I would if He so desired - without hesitation - to repeat that special time with Him would be awesome - in the words of our generation - it will always be - unforgettable.