Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September's Interactive Missionary Letter

Car Agency Rented - Help Wanted!!
We are indeed hanging out the Help Wanted sign, but we we will not be selling cars at this agency. We have His business to attend too, which is far more important. Last month we were able to rent this building and the lot for $580 a month on the highway between Santiago and Tamboril. It is a excellent location, has plenty of parking, space for Sunday school and we can put up the tent the Rawlings foundation donated immediately. It is close to several properties we have our eye on to purchase and we feel with a bit of “Help” can will everything ready to go soon.
Church Needs
Chairs -$2950
Tables, Pulpit, Ect. -$1965
16 Batteries -$1750
Fans, Lights, Electrical -$1741
6.5 KW Inverter -$1162
Alarm -$ 962 Remodeling Needs Men’s Restroom - $1976
Ladies Restroom - $1626
Floor Reconditioning - $709
Paint - $590
Gate and Iron work - $530 Doors - $445 Feeding Center Established - 17 Saved!!
When the folks in the Adult III Sunday School class at Arden Road Baptist Church in Amarillo contacted us about their burden for children in the inner city we couldn’t believe our ears!! We had been praying for some time that God would supply the finances needed so we could reach unchurched children in this huge city of ours. With pastor Victor Urraca and several volunteers we began putting together the pieces necessary to put this ministry on a sure foundation. Unbelievably, we have now 48 children enrolled in what we call here the Samuel club that meets 3 hours each Saturday. As of now 17 of these children have received Christ as their Savior over the last few months and many parents have begun attending church services. This is a great example of how one church really can make a difference!!