Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October's Interactive Missionary Letter

INCH BY INCH, ROW BY ROW Our vision is quickly becoming a reality in regards to the purchase of property for the church here in Santiago. Meetings about the property with our association members (Taxes), lawyers (Legalities), zoning commission (Permissions), mayor (Support), missionaries (Insight), friends (Encouragement), family (Experience) and national pastors (Location Information) have been very profitable. All have come and seen the property and have left impressed with the opportunity, price, and location. We have seen almost 20% of the money come into the missions office with us having only made a few phone calls. In addition the price has come down and is currently $151,500. We are very excited, however, all we have with the owner is a verbal agreement and in order to make this into a contract we will need to obtain at least 50% of money over the next few months. Please pray for the funds to complete the purchase of the land as well as the salvation of the property owner.
IN THE NEWS!! We have been very involved in ministry activities the last few months. Pastor Victor traveled to the States for a couple of weeks to attend a counseling seminar and asked Tom to take over the preaching duties. Tom did a series of messages on David and Colossians that the people responded to very well. Last week we traveled with the church to Vani (3 Hours from Santiago) to help another church raise money for its building fund and during that time we celebrated 5 baptisms in the Ocean. A lady in the church who we have been working with named Dinora was baptized and is pictured below. After our return, Tiffany’s 19 year old Sunday school teacher was admitted to the hospital with Dengue and is in intensive care. Please pray for Lisanet and her whole family who have been a tremendous help to us during our search for property.
FRANKLIN'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT As another season of Major League Baseball comes to end, the Dominican presence in the sport has been consolidated even further. Pitcher Fausto Carmona of the Cleveland Indians is this year's front-runner for the AL Cy Young Award, and he was named pitcher of the month for September. Big Papi David Ortiz was named player of the month for September and Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is the odds-on favorite to win this years MVP award in the American League. Carlos Pena of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays broke club records this year in homeruns (46) RBI’s (121) and Walks (103). In the National League Alfonso Soriano led the Cubs drive into the post-season. All of the eight Major League teams in this year's playoffs have at least two Dominicans on their rosters - Believe it or Not.
REGINA'S CORNER We’re tickled pink and happy to say our baby girl is on the way. January 2008 Julianna Truth will complete our family. We are blessed! Tom and I are also celebrating 15 years of marriage today and 10 years ago this month we entered the ministry full time leaving the States to become missionaries.
Regina and I are very blessed to have the greatest supporting churches, friends and family you can imagine. Uncle Bob and Aunt JoAn are no exception and have always been very encouraging to Regina and I even before we were married and in the ministry. In September Aunt JoAn went home to be with the Lord and this week our family is having a memorial service for her in Snyder, Texas. We will miss Aunt JoAn very much, she and Uncle Bob came to hear us present Cuba and the Dominican Republic at several different churches over the years in West Texas. After preaching, Aunt JoAn would come up to me and give me a big kiss and tell me that sermon was the biggest and best blessing she had in a long time. Her sweetness and sincerity uplifted and encouraged us like you wouldn’t believe and it seemed to always happen right when we needed it the most.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thinking of Visiting Us Some Time Soon?

Technicians from the United States Transport Safety Administration (TSA) have praised the high safety standards at the Cibao International Airport here in Santiago. The three officials sent their findings to the TSA and to General Juan Bautista Rojas, the chief of the Specialized Airport Security Corps. The technicians spent more than a week at the Cibao International Airport, and reported that airport security is above the levels set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.