Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Little Information On Project Impact

Have we mentioned Project Impact? No? Smile - well it seems as though every time we go to roll out our mission trip program we have another church who calls and wants to come and visit. (Not a bad problem to have!) In fact the summer of 2009 is already full. However, if your interested in coming sometime outside the summer months we want you to know that we are indeed prepared to handle groups of up to 30. We have a team house here in Santiago which is run by a couple who were former missionaries in Haiti. The rooms at the home are very nice and while there is no A/C - fans are in every room. There are several large area's for morning and night devotionals and all the rooms have doors for privacy and hold 4 people (Aprox.) on bunkbeds and there are 5 bathrooms. There are several computers with internet as well so that you can keep in touch with back home and they have several Dominicans that are employed to help keep things nice and clean. The cost is $35 per person per night (currently its $30) and includes 3 hot meals except for Sunday morning breakfast (which is cold). Below are some pictures of the Team House. If you are interested, our ideal number is normally 15. If you do decide to come we need to know in advance so we can block out our calendar so as to not plan any other groups, church activities, camps ect. We promise that if you come you will be safe during the trip. But just as we live here, you also must come by faith - this in itself is one of the fundamentals of missions work. All receipts and money is above board (receipts are given for each item) on all expenses. For additional information on the D.R., has great everyday / current information presented in English or you can check out our websight at If your interested let us know and we will send you even more information and orientate you as to what God can do on a mission trip.