Monday, January 26, 2009

Boston Baptist College Adventure

Heading to the frozen tundra of Boston for this warm-blooded island dweller is always a challenge. One – its cold. Did I say cold? Wait – let me add an adjective - freezing cold. Second - How do you keep 31 inquiring minds from all over the globe engaged in a Philosophy of missions class for 5 hours a day – two weeks running? Well, keep it simple, fun and pump in huge doses of faith. After all when good effective ministry that lasts is done on the mission field it is always accompanied by extreme faith. What an honor to share and challenge students with every inspired missiological nugget I could gather. It’s a sacred trust and I pray I can see them again down this road called ministry. C.T. Studd said "Some want to live within the sound of chapel bells but that he’d rather run a rescue mission within a yard of hell." I feel some of these students have the same desire and I have high expectations for each one of them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

JuliAnna's 1st Birthday

For JuliAnna's 1st birthday we bought cake, ice cream and presents. Big Mama, Big Daddy and family gathered around with camera's ready to catch that once in a lifetime shot where she's allowed to freely dig her hands into her first and very own cake with no interference. The camera's rolled and clicked; however, they didn't capture dirty hands playing and licking icing, that was just a bit too yucky and gooey for JuliAnna, way better to just think cleaner and neater and eat the cake face first. What fun!