Thursday, February 21, 2008

Emergency: Cuba needs Prayer

Today in conjunction with Fidel Castro's official retirement I received a call to prayer from one of our pastors in Cuba. Last year was our last communication regarding Cuba, of course we are now in the Dominican and have been very focused on our work here. We continue to faithfully support the work in Cuba and have been able to reduce that significantly over the last 3 years. Everything has been great and God has been blessing in incredible ways and there has not been any reason for alarm until today. I fear the worst for our loved ones in Cuba. But at the same time I KNOW THAT OUR REDEEMER LIVETH and He has an incredible plan for these men and women. You and I having been a part of that plan need to pray for these Giants of the faith. Would you join me in prayer through Wednesday February 27 for the Pastors, leaders and sheep in the last communist country in the Western Hemisphere?