Monday, June 18, 2007

June's Interactive Missionary Letter

Los Prados Project
Since March we have been working hard to purchase a piece of property. Recently, Bienvenido (the man we have been dealing with) came down $30,0000 on this piece of property (Aprox. 1 Acre) which represents by far the best price and location we have found in Santiago. It has great access and several large housing developments (Los Prados). We need your help. Will you pray and help us raise the 194,554 needed?
Psa. 127:5 says - Happy is the man that hath his quiver full. . . - Tis True - Smile - We are expecting our fourth child in January. How exciting! Ministry wise, I have been preaching both morning and evening services at CongregaciĆ³n Bautista. Recently two surrendered for full time service. Sadly, I had to do a funeral for Luis’s (March letter) family; however, happily, we are now discipling him.
Upon arrival last August, Regina and I began jumping through the hoops to become residents of the Dominican. We are happy to report that on May 17th we became legal residents, which means we can now begin our quest to form a non-profit association for the new church. Please pray we can finish this before the end of the year. If you desire more information on this, please see our blog.

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