Friday, September 30, 2011

Florence Baptist Temple comes to Haiti

We have been working day and night for several months, facing serious weather obstacles, political difficulties and spiritual battles and without reservation we know God has worked them all out.

On our 60th trip in we hosted a team of professional builders from South Carolina which moved us over half way to the completion of our final church construction project . We were able to finish the excavation and site work, we are close to finishing the 12 24ft concrete columns, we began placing the first EPS foam panels, put the finishing touches on a large septic system, laid the foundation, prepared the baptistery, did the plumbing, installed the electricity and began pouring the floor on the 5,000 square foot structure.

It is difficult many times to single out church or individual contributions because there are so many that make what we do possible but I must say thank you to Pastor Monroe, Mike, Robert, Ted, Rick and the entire congregation of Florence Baptist Temple for the blessing they have been to our ministry. 

It is encouraging and humbling to see it come together.  Truthfully, no one gets the credit, we are all working together to give Him the honor and glory for this incredible victory and BELIEVE IT OR NOT – there is more to come. 

Top of columns being poured

Tom, Robert, Ted and Rick in the Morning

Finishing Septic System Plan

 Tom planning the Baptistry

 Beginning the Floor

Moving along even at Night

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