Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coming Home in 2012

   Six years is a long time, but time flies in the Lords work and we are exited about coming home and communicating our vision with you in person for the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba beginning next year. Over the next few months we will be in contact with you about our schedule and our plans to be with you.
   We know times are tough and want to save our church families as much as possible and are planning on traveling with the whole family in an old motor home so as to cut down on hotel and food expenses. Scheduling is important to save on gas and we have put together a home assignment calendar for July 2012 through July 2013. Its pretty straight forward and a click away.

GREEN - Open appointment with our general location and service times.
YELLOW - Specific or General area in the country we will be located.
RED - Filled appointment with our specific location, time and the churches name.

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